What you don’t feel – you can’t heal

How much are you in touch with your feelings?
Sometimes when we’re busy or in a period of overwhelm we disconnect ourselves from our emotions.
We shut off our senses and ignore our boundaries.
This is how we survive.
And that’s totally ok.

But when we want to thrive, we need to open up towards our feelings so they can be healed and transformed.
We need to stop, take a step back, reconnect and feel what’s there to feel.

How? You might think…. Let me help you with that. Here are 4 quick and effective ways to (re)connect to our feelings.

4 Quick & Effective ways to (re)Connect to your Feelings

  1. Connect with your body.
    Close your eyes, put your attention inwards, and start experiencing your body. Where does it feel tensed, stressed, heavy – where does it feel light or neutral? Ask the heavy or painful places what they are about.
  2. Start walking in nature and listen, feel and sense.
    While putting one foot in front of the other, we’re rebalancing our brain parts. That’s already helping you a lot to reconnect. Than start listening to nature sounds, a bird, the wind… Then be open to experience through your senses and opening up for your feelings.
  3. Start writing in the morning in your journal without stopping the pen.
    Start with “If you knew me, you would know I feel …..” (share your most dirty, shady feelings). Don’t think too much about it, let your hand write what needs to be said or felt.
  4. Create art, without a reason.
    Connect to the process of intuitively choosing your colors, materials, and draw/paint. Create WHAT YOU FEEL – not pretty, it doesn’t need to become something. Next step: connect to your body, check in what you’re feeling and visualize that. Now translate that into your creation. Does it feel dark/ light? Does it feel small/ big. Where is it in your body, throat/belly/ head/legs? Which colors fit’s what you’re experiencing? Just let it out. Let yourself be surprised by your creation. Your soul is speaking here.

Tell me, what’s your favorite???

With Love,


P.S. When you want more nuance to these 4 ways, listen to me where I explain them. You’ll find the video here, inside my Game Changers group.
It’s free and you are super welcome.