Let art heal and connect us.

Art is the journey of a free Soul

All I can say, I’m a born creator. I love to make something amazing out of nothing. A white empty  canvas transformed into a new world of colors, movement and emotion.  A rough stone transformed in a detailed sculpture. A white paper into watercolor movement and color explosion.

Art is emotion.

My way of creating larger acrylic paintings, is having them hanging around for a couple of years and work on them from time to time. Therefore they gain the wisdom of the years, the growth of the artist and a sense of urgency in the time they are finished.

Take a look in my portfolio.

When interested contact me for more info and a visit. Standing in front of a painting should make you feel something. So preferably you come by and experience them. 

Before we speak prices, let’s talk intention.
What are you looking for. What sense, vibe, sphere, color range, style?
Do you want your house filled up with a series of paintings, are you looking for one new great painting? 
Do you want me to paint into your intention? Meaning, you don’t take an all finished piece, I’ll complete one (or a series) especially for you.


Leontine Boxem

Leontine Boxem is an artist, transformational coach & author and speaker. Living on the transformational island Ibiza (Spain), originally from The Netherlands.

She has gone through an aggressive form of acute Leukemia (blood cancer), looked death in the eyes twice and underwent dreadful treatment to be able to survive.
After recovering she divorced the father of her children, and later moved as a single mom from The Netherlands to Ibiza. 

During that journey she found her calling in teaching leaders about authenticity, inner freedom and true belonging. She helps them to see the bigger picture of a crisis, since life’s stories want to become legacies.

She transformed her horrific crisis into her biggest gift, and now shares that gift with you. Along this journey she always comes back to art and creating, as this is an essential piece of who she is and how she creates and aligns to the bigger plan.



© Leontine Boxem 2020.