About Me


You are a force to be reckoned with….
You have brought ‘resilience’ to a whole new level.
You are strong, sensitive, smart and amazing. You have proven your power more than once.

But here’s the thing, my love…

Even being a warrior can become your new prison…

A new default, which keeps you in a place that’s less than you’re meant to experience in both live and work.

What we want is to get you beyond that place so you can fully heal new layers and aclchemise it into your most extraordinary life experience, and impact with the message you get out of your life’s story. There’s a whole new world awaiting for you at the other end of your struggles, hardship, illness or crisis.

The beauty beyond ‘hard moment’ is that they’re here to show us something. They’re appearing into our lives, to bring forth an opportunity get closer to who you truly are meant to be & how you truly are meant to serve with your own unique gifts and authentic voice!

You Deserve to Feel Good, find your Natural Flow in life and work! I’m Here to Help.

Opening up

From a young age on, I’ve felt an urgency in my life and work to shine light on parts of our lives that we rather don’t show, but affect us all. I truly feel we need to end the loneliness that comes from keeping up appearance, wearing masks that hide the darker parts of ourself and our life. My mom always called me revealing and brave in speaking my truthTo me it’s my nature.

But I’ve learned that this is one of my unique gifts in life and part of my Soul’s path. I know I will attract exactly those who are in need of my loving, raw honesty, where I hold space for them to fully embrace both their darkest fears and highest desires and aspirations. I listen to what’s not said, but is there asking for attention.

Why I shine my light in the dark (in Leadership Coaching & Cancer Guidance)? Because this is where it’s needed most. Not because I love to make things heavy. The opposite! We go deep without drama. But we do touch the pain and the unsaid. Because when you give space to that what’s unwanted or suppressed, you dismantle it from its power and you get back in charge of your own life. You’ll lead from a place of truth and authenticity. Results? It feels amazing + is attractive, has meaning, so it creates real impact.

What I’ve learned

I’ve helped many women to find their own path, include ALL that they are and celebrate their perfect imperfections. Two essential things I learned in all of this:

  1. We ALL have a story, we all have our pains and insecurities, we all aspire to a better life, and mostly we’re not too open about that, because we feel others know and have everything we are still looking for.
  2. Whenever we open up and speak our truth, we discover that we are much more the same than different from others, which brings forth a deep connection and therefore let us be less lonely on our personal journey through life and work. That deep sense of connection, knowing you’re exactly where you need to be, can be experienced during 1-on-1 coaching or in a group. It’s totally amazing what happens then.

Hi, I am Leontine

I’ve been blessed with an amazing life of teachings. While I was a mother of three young children, I got an aggressive form of acute leukemia. I looked right into Death’s eyes twice, underwent utterly inhuman treatments, received a stem cell transplantation and miraculously managed to survive. There was no complaining; I was full of optimism because I knew that I wasn’t finished here yet. And so it came to pass! I recovered from the disease and all the side effects, lovingly divorced the father of my children and started a new life and. One year later in July 2019 I moved to Ibiza with my three kids and business. It wasn’t easy, but it felt completely right.

Now I’m blessed to serve women change makers and leaders on their personal journey. Helping them to feel completely free, find meaning behind struggles, illness and hardship and translate their life’s story into their Soul’s mission. 


My Background

Multi passionate and multi talented (a gift and a curse).

Multiple certificated coach (Human Development, Pyschosynthesis, Spiritual Psychology), award winning author, passionate speaker, coach and teacher (preacher 🙂 ).

Featured in newspapers and television (mostly in the Netherlands), summits.

Over the years I have guided over 4500 women  (with online programs, private coaching, Ibiza retreat, live events and on speaking occasions) to help them follow their own path, feel free and strengthen their authentic voice.

Leading expert

With my expertise in authentic leadership, thriving after crisis, and Soulful leading after cancer – I hold the winning combination for you. 

On one hand, getting to know yourself, your life’s stories, heavy struggles along your path, finding your own path – will lead you to authentic leadership, where you can be fully who you are, show up as you are and use your authentic voice to call in those who are a vibrational match to you and your work.

On the other hand, leading from a place of authenticity means dealing with what’s happening inside yourself as a human being, transforming the dark moments and bring the gifts that you’ll find on the other side, into your work and leadership. This is how you will change the game. This is how you will sustain. This is how you will thrive from a place of ease and joy.

(Booking request for delivering an expert talk or masterclass on your stage, online summit or podcast or platform: send an email to hello@leontineboxem.nl)


I am known for:

I am known for my  hands-on shadow work. What that means? We go deep without drama.

My work is deeply transformational, and I’ll give you what you need, not necessarily what you ask.

Because we both know you are smart, quick and convincing. You don’t need another follower of someone who buys into your crappy excuses. You are ready for real change.


Welcome to my tribe! Love to get started hanging around together.


I’m surrounded by the most amazing people!

Is this you?

  1. You are in the YES-mode of your life.
  2. You are committed to exponential growth.
  3. Growth isn’t a luxury item for you, it’s a fundamental part of who you are and how you live your live.
  4. You’re a quick, smart thinker. 
  5. You’re a deep sensor. 
  6. You’re a brave do-er. You don’t just dream, you act, take risks because you know that’s how you grow.
  7. You’re purpose driven, you’re here for a greater reason then just to make money (although you’re pretty good in that)
  8. Being a leader comes natural to you. People  look up to you, you’re an inspiration by what you share and who you are. In that way, 
  9. You’ve had your high and (many) lows. 
  10. Now you’re a thriver.
  11. You just feel there’s so much more in there….. and it’s pretty difficult to pinpoint and enter that all by yourself.

And that’s totally normal!

You are a leader,

but you are human first.

 You don’t have to keep stuck where you are and figure it out all by yourself. It’s time to open up about the personal crisis you went through, because it effects you personally but of course also in your capacity as a leader and the people you serve.

Let me help you to FREE your LIFE & LEADERSHIP right now! Because you are here to serve so many others, so you’ve got to give yourself this gift of self care.

If you’re ready to take responsibility, look this thing that is (has been) standing in your way RIGHT IN THE EYE, you can turn this into the biggest gift of your life.
You can get to the level of thriving, fulfillment and authentic leadership you have never felt before!
Yes you can. And I’m the one to help you.


  • I’m a no-no when it comes to superficial chit-chat
  • I’m a cat adopter of Romy & Amy, living in the mountains of Nothern Ibiza
  • I need fresh air and nature around me to feel good
  • I’m an artist, love to paint with acrylics and watercolor
  • I’m divorced, right after I survived and recovered from acute leukemia, which is blood cancer
  • I’m the founder of the Heart-Journal® movement, which learned multiple thousands of women to create their Heart-Journal® (it was so much fun, ask me later!)
  • I’m a passionate speaker (like a preacher) and a published author
  • I dream of having a beautiful conversation with Oprah, becoming a New York Times bestseller and have the best ever dream-team around me, in business and in my personal life
  • It’s my deep desire leaving every survivor of a deep crisis felt loved, celebrated and heard
  • I call my children my ‘guppies’  ?


  • I hear what’s not said, but need to be heard
  • My super power is pinpointing the exact pain point in very little time, and do that with massive love
  • I don’t give my clients what (they think) they want, I give them what they need
  • Helping other women embrace the chances that a crisis brings makes my heart beat faster
  • With 16 years of study in Psychosynthesis, Human Development and Spiritual Psychology I created my own secret sauce, which has never not worked
  • I sometimes have to pinch myself when I watch the extraordinary transformations of the women I have the honor to work with

Nice to meet you!
Come over to say hello at Instagram (@leontineboxem_ibiza  @conscious_cancer_club) or Facebook, or book a call with me so we can chat about your desires, what’s holding you stuck (+ how to set you free!)

Get In Touch


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For speaking requests, questions about offerings or collaborations, use this email: hello@leontineboxem.nl


I’m based in Ibiza, Spain and work globally online as well.

Venda de Missa 6  Sant Vicente de sa Cala, APDO 214
07810 Sant Joan de Labritja
Ibiza – Baleares, SPAIN