Has your story been heard enough?

Has your story been heard enough?

Many of us who survived abnormal crises, are strong, positive thinkers.
We do not like to be in the victim corner.
We do not want to hang around in the painful story too long.
We go on, because we have a life to live, a mission to accomplish.

We have felt the pain, fears. We have been in panic and depression.
We went through all of that.
When it was there.

Now we are here.
We survived, we thrived.
We are a light to others who struggle to thrive.

But my love,
one question for you.


Not complaining, not sobbing, not too much drama.
Just sharing your story.
Let it go through your throat.
Giving words to it.

Let it go outside your body, mind, heart and spirit.

We need to be heard.
Maybe for us.
Maybe for them.

Who knows.
But your story needs to be heard.
Not once.
But enough.


With love,