You just need to learn how to integrate and embody all you’ve learned.

Light up many other lives, who needs your message and the wisdom you gained in your journey through cancer


As the strong and inspiring woman you are, people can’t imagine the intense journey you’ve been through with cancer and  the inhuman treatments that kept you alive. They don’t know the chronic pains, fatigue and sensitivities you deal with until this day, and have no clue about the loneliness that comes with going through a journey like this yourself. Well, let me tell you this: you are not alone.

It has been your goal ever since you got sick, to get back up and running – and I fully get it. It was one of the reasons that kept you alive. You want to leave this ‘cancer-world’ for good. You tend to go back to doing-doing, work hard and shine, because you’ve got still so much to offer. 

It’s time to be honest: there’s no going back to normal

It’s an illusion that you can go back.
And if it where possible at all, it would be a waste of your new gained gifts and opportunities.
And since you’re here, I guess you’re already sensing this too…

There’s a way more magnificent and powerful path for you, if you have the courage to go there.

HEAL by owning your story.
IMPACT by opening up about it.

Once you’ve owned and embodied your story, you will claim your personal power and grow your leadership from a place of authenticity. 

Creating impact from a place of alignment, authenticity and creativity. Choosing being over doing.

Without all the doing doing and business that you know will bring you back to stress, overwhelm and doubt.  Because you will easily connect  to your creative essence and wisdom and tap into your inner GPS. 

Choose to consciously create space, time and energy to tap into your new being, find your new natural flow and rhythm, and tap into that authentic presence while sharing your unique story and gift with the world.

You know it’s time to listen to this whispering from your higher self. 
Because you didn’t go through all that to go back to being busy, overwhelmed, doing-doing.


You are here for a reason

Take care of yourself and heal on a whole new level and in a holistic way. Get rid of the old triggers you still notice  sometimes even though you’ve grown so much (limiting belief systems, fear based patterns and dynamics; difficulty to let go of control and perfectionism; or a lack of confidence, clarity and self love).

It’s time to enter your next level of inner growth and authentic leadership.

Not sure how to do that? I’m here to help.
I’ve been through this journey myself and came out on the other and way better than before. 

WHAT YOU NEED to embody the power of your own story:

  • internalize all that you’ve been through
  • heal on a whole new level, way deeper that surviving and healing the first layers
  • learn how to own your story
  • capture the message behind it
  • share your message, light and wisdom with others, in a joyful, healthy and powerful way

This is exactly what we’d do in our coaching journey together. 


 Soulful leading after cancer

1-on-1 high level coaching with premium support

We both know you have a message and a story to share.

Are you ready to learn how to live and lead health, joyfully and with purpose & passion?

Let’s work together, so you can heal on whole new level, while inspiring others

This is a high-level private coaching program for conscious women, change makers, leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs – who are years past cancer and know they have a message to share, an impact to make AND want to learn how to do that in a new and healthy, joyful and wealthy way.

Sessions will take place online through Zoom and/or on my porch with Ibiza mountain view. 
Feel free to contact me to see if and how your story and questions fit into these high transforming coaching containers. 

About Leontine Boxem

Leontine is the life- and leadership coach for strong women with a huge life story,  award-winning author & speaker and founder of the Conscious Cancer Club Movement . Her work is deeply rewarding and transformational and she’s a woman who leads by example.

She’s a leading expert in authentic leadership, liberating your potential, thriving after crisis and cancer, and is known for her hands-on shadow work (‘we go deep without drama’).

In her work she combines psychological science, spiritual practices, years of experience and creative mentorship.

As a survivor of leukemia (blood cancer) she transformed her crisis into the biggest gift and vision for her life. Now she thrives by sharing that gift with others.

Her mission is to end the silence and loneliness around personal struggles in female leadership. “We might be resilient, strong, multi talented warriors, we are also human beings on a personal journey through our lives. We shouldn’t have to walk that path alone, we all need deep, real and raw connection to elevate.”


As founder of the Conscious Cancer Club movement, Leontine brings a new perspective on consciously living with  cancer and soulfully leading after cancer. No focus on the disease or the treatments, but on YOU and your inner growth process.  When we let consciousness into the cancer, this is our highway to elevation.  Here’s more info about the Conscious Cancer Club for all who have cancer now, are years past cancer or have loved ones with cancer. It’s time to integrate this huge disease into our world, as it is well spread – and to dismantle the silence suffering.